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Faculty or Staff

Emory University, Oxford College of Emory, and Emory Healthcare faculty and staff are eligible to purchase a Student Activity and Academic Center membership at a discounted rate provided they are receiving a paycheck from Emory University/Healthcare and are permitted to receive a benefits package. Emory University/Healthcare faculty or staff must have a registered account with the EmoryCard office and will be asked to present their 7-digit Emory identification number upon purchase of a membership. *Please note that in order to qualify for a faculty/staff membership, the primary member must be faculty/staff of the university.

Individual faculty and staff are also eligible for monthly payroll deduction but must fill out the paperwork at the Student Activity and Academic Center Welcome Center. Please see below.

As of 2014 the Faculty and Staff Annual Membership no longer includes access to the Woodruff PE Center. Like other annual members, faculty and staff members can request access to the Woodruff PE Center Pool from November 2nd until March 31st. Requests can be made on or after November 1st by contacting

Online registration
**NOTE: You will be directed to an external registration page.**

Annual Membership PDF

Summer and Summer Extended PDF

Faculty or Staff
Membership Rate


Summer Monthly
Individual $288 $240 $150 $24
Plus One $410 $310 $185 N/A
Family $500 $360 $290 N/A

This option is only available for individual Emory faculty/staff members! If you qualify for this option you must purchase it in-person at the SAAC Welcome Center. The monthly rate is $24 and a 30-day written notice is required to cancel.

Payment due at the time of the application is as follows:

Date Range in
Current Month


+ Next
Due at
1st - 10th $24 + $24 $48
11th - 20th $16 + $24 $40
21st - end $8 + $24 $32

Please note the payroll deduction will begin in the second following month. For example, August 26th is the application date so pay $32 at the time of application and then payroll deduction will start in October. The $32 covers the cost of the remainder of August and September.

Questions? Contact us at 404-712-2430 or